An Introduction to Zen Buddhism. D.T. Suzuki

An Introduction to Zen Buddhism
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An Introduction to Zen Buddhism D.T. Suzuki
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

Koans are carefully devised nonsensical riddles which are The contemporary Zen master Yasutani introduced a Western student to one of the most famous koans with the following words: One of the best koans, because the simplest, is Mu. Mar 28, 2013 - I was introduced to Ruth Ozeki through the anthology Charlie Chan Is Dead 2 and after reading her two previous books, what struck me was Ozeki's ability to insert humor and heart even into weighty subjects. Feb 1, 2013 - He tirelessly promoted Buddhism in both Japan & the West until his death in 1966. Apr 15, 2014 - A Branching Streams Sangha Profile, the second in a series of articles introducing sanghas affiliated with San Francisco Zen Center in the Branching Streams network. Nov 3, 2003 - Zen Buddhists have a particular knack for making a virtue out of the inconsistencies arising from verbal communication, and with the koan system they have developed a unique way of transmitting their teachings completely non-verbally. His legacy still lives on through those people that he met and influenced through his work. By Tendo Stacy Waymire and Kigetsu Ramana Waymire The sangha on Buddha's Birthday, with Etsudo Patty Krahl and Jintei Harold Little (center), and Tendo Stacy Waymire (bottom left) and Kigetsu Ramana Waymire (far right, middle). Sep 17, 2012 - Rather, I would contend that Zen is more of a school of psychotherapy than a religion. An Introduction to Zen Buddhism. Reissue edition November, 1991. Oct 14, 2010 - Suggested Buddhist Reading List.

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